Cowboy is a multimedia platform and brand dedicated to curating, collaborating, and creating high-quality art,apparel,goods, and activations. COWBOY is an ode to creativity, experimentation and limitless freedom of expression, translated through art, fashion and other miscellaneous projects.

Inspired by directly but not limited to COWBOY Bebop, Nigo and Sarah Andleman (of Colette fame), COWBOY is a synthesis of all these inspirations translated through limitless creativity.

COWBOY is not exclusively a fashion brand, an art gallery or a formal online or physical retailer, but an endless curation and combination of these aspects.

We here at COWBOY hope you find something to suit your palette and hope you return for more.

About Takeo

Born in Key West, Florida, and later moving to Tampa, Florida at a very young age, I was exposed to alot of cultures, people, places and perspectives from a young age by virure of my father being African American and my mother Japanese. These wide range of exposures and influences (specifically art, anime and fashion) helped inspire COWBOY and all the projects within it, as they derive from my personal interest, inspirations, and hobbies. I created COWBOY as an outlet to let our this creative tension directly to the world bypassing any formal markets, rules or conventional ways of doing things/industry norms. COWBOY is a direct loart of me and with that is a direct curation of my mind to you, the reader.

With that said, thank you for taking the time, this is:

COWBOY by Takeo

ENJOY! and Au Revoir!